Hello, my name is Gustav.
I'm a freelance music producer and designer,
specializing in the space between sound and web development.
This is my portfolio

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Thank you for the interest in my work.

In my day-to-day business, I assist clients with web-based issues, such as updating, changing and designing their websites & webshops. I also allocate a lot of attention to music-based projects, that are often centred around sound design for platforms such as podcasts, films and interactive media. Additionally, I also produce music (under the artist name GO BY LUCK) and study at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

In my work, I always strive for a unique and contemporary result. I believe as a designer and producer that it's important to experiment and challenge what we have previously perceived as great work, in order to make sure it stays great in the future.

Selected projects

Studio Embla

Project details

Studio Embla is an up-and-coming architectural studio, and with this website, the intention was to create an online space, that worked both as an aesthetic portfolio and identity space.

Project made for: Studio Embla

Project type: Web design & content creation

Year of completion: 2019

Bellevue Strand

Project details

Website made for the iconic beach founded by Arne Jacobsen.

Project made for: Bellevue Strand // The Locker Room

Project type: Web design

Year of completion: 2019

Stylist Magazine

Project details

A couple of happy and joyful jingles, created for Stylist Magazine UKs "Working from Home with Stylist" podcast.

Project made for: Stylist Magazine UK

Project type: Podcast Music

Year of completion: 2020

Last Dance

Project details

A vivid and experimental score made for the emotional and deep short film, by Caroline Hajny

Project made for: Director, Caroline Hajny

Project type: Film Score

Year of completion: 2019

What The Denmark

Project details

The new and popular podcast, What The Denmark, needed a sound identity and music that could reinforce both the fun and serious topics, that the podcast deals with.

Project made for: What The Denmark

Project type: Podcast Music

Year of completion: 2020


Project details

A audio/visual journey through the deep and endless 1st album from GO BY LUCK

Project made for: GO BY LUCK

Project type: Online Audio/Visual journey

Year of completion: 2020


Project details

It was an honor to be involved with the assistant production and mixing of Høiers incredible first album, Seesaw. It's an incredible mix of impressive songwriting and outstanding indie ambiances. A complete and very fulfilling experience.

Project made for: Høier

Project type: Music Mixing & Assistant Production

Year of completion: 2019

I have also consulted, worked on, helped out and provided solutions for: Piil & Co, Ecoltr, Jacob & Jakob Icecream, ConferenceCare, Oialla Chocolate, Facereader, Tisvildelejeforeningen, Nordhavn Coffee, Human Practice Foundation among many others.


Point Blank Music School London

Year: 2017 - 2019

Education: Bachelor of Arts (with honors) (Accredited by Middelsex University)

Program: Music Production & Sound Engineering

IT-University of Copenhagen

Year: 2020 - 2022

Education: Master of Science

Program: Digital Design & Interactive Technologies



Songwriting & music production

Artist development & creative sparing

Music mixing & mastering

Software knowledge

Ableton Live

Logic Pro X

UAD Workflow


Design skills


Speculative Design

Interaction Design

Tech knowledge

HTML, CSS & JavaScript




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